Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Favorite Piece of Christmas Technology

Usually don't have a sense of urgency when it comes to new technology. I leave that to my brother-in-law Aaron. Sure, I love my iPhone 5 as much as the next person, but I used my iPhone 3 until it wouldn't function anymore. So the fact I am posting a "Little Thing in Life" about technology should tell you how impressed I am by this:

See this online (not an affiliate link)
It's a one-touch control ornament for Christmas tree lights. You simply plug your Christmas tree lights into the device, hang the ornament and presto! With one touch, you can light the whole tree. I saw this idea on another blog I read and I was intrigued. Our Christmas tree is in the corner of our apartment, and reaching behind to plug it in was scratchy and dangerous. I may have almost fell into the tree once...or twice...

When I demonstrated my find for Jared, he was very impressed as well. Anything which doesn't tempt my clumsiness is a win to him!

Let me know if you purchase one as well and what you think!