Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...with "King of the Hill"

Have you ever watched King of the Hill? If you haven't, you are seriously missing out! One of my favorite moments in King of the Hill comes from the episode Snow Job when an unexpected snowfall causes havoc. Watch this video:

This is SO TRUE! Every time I watch this scene, I laugh and laugh. I don't know how you northerners do it, but Texans do not naturally learn how to drive in winter weather!

Case in point: a nasty cold front blew in Thursday and is dumping freezing rain down on Lubbock as we speak. On Thursday, we went from 75 degrees to 43 degrees by the end of the work day! Only in Texas, y'all. I had a thick layer of ice I had to hack at with my ice scraper before I could even leave from work yesterday. I am not built for winter weather, I like my heat...

A few years ago, Texas Tech played a team from Illinois at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas for our bowl game. It was freezing, y'all. All of the Tech fans were bundled up with huge coats, scarves, gloves and blankets. But the Illinois fans were only wearing light jackets!!! I have never seen such a stark difference in weather tolerance before.

Whatever end of the spectrum you fall on, whether you are a cold-opposed Texan like me or winter is your favorite season, be safe and be warm out there!

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  1. haha that's how it is in GA. Everyone freaks out! Hope youre staying warm!


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