Friday, November 1, 2013

My Favorite Parts of Halloween

So as I had alluded to before, I am not much of a Halloween fan. I don't like blood and guts, and I don't understand the allure of scary movies and creatures. However, lucky for me, all my favorite parts of Halloween were in one place last night.

Good Friends

Have you ever met someone and you knew a long-term friendship was meant to be? This is what happened when I met my friend Cheryl. She recently started working as an advisor, and I love her. We have so much in common and we crack each other up all day long. Last night, she invited me to her house for Halloween festivities and I got to met her wonderful husband, Kent. I also met their good friend Jesse.

This picture gives you a sense of our relationship

Pumpkin Carving

I stink at pumpkin carving, but I like doing it anyway. I just don't have the patience required to create a truly inspired pumpkin. I usually compensate for this with a simple design.

 And, as Jared can tell you, me + knives = trouble.

Regardless of patience or skill level, everyone's pumpkins turned out great!

Pumpkins courtesy of Jesse, Kent, Cheryl and me

BFF pumpkins!

Cute Puppies

You know I love a cute puppy. Cheryl has a Yorkie named Layla, and I couldn't wait for Henry and her to meet. Now Henry has a new BFF too!


I didn't take any pictures of it, but trust me candy was there. In abundance. And a lot of it found its way into my mouth. In abundance.