Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Rebelled with a Cartilage Piercing

I never had a "rebellion phase".

My parents will disagree with me, of course, but I mean in the traditional, stereotypical sense. I never drank before turning 21, I never tried a cigarette until after 18. I never snuck out of my house, never partied in high school and never dated guys I shouldn't. My lack of rebellion never really bothered me until I turned 25. I never had the "experimentation" phase many of my peers had. Instead, I set a direction for myself and followed it. This is good, of course, but I never did anything DARING.

So as a gift to myself for my 25th birthday, I let my rebellion come out and got a cartilage piercing. My parents were horrified, of course.

I chose a cartilage piercing for a couple of reasons. First, I did not want to get a tattoo at this age because I'm afraid it might get ugly. Plus, I don't have a good idea I want on my body for the rest of my life.Second, a girl I know had a cartilage piercing, and I thought it was so pretty. Plus, my other two sets of piercings didn't really hurt, so I thought it would be a good first step into rebellion.

As you can tell from the blood on my ear in the picture, the piercing was not quite as painless as I thought.

My wonderful sister-in-law Tristin and I decided to get pierced together for our birthdays. Mine is in January and hers is in December. We went to a piercing shop one of my college friends used with professional results. I was very impressed with our piercer. She explained how the piercing would work and exactly how to take care of it afterwards.Tristin went first and squealed the whole time, which I didn't think much about because that is her common reaction to things.

When it was my turn, the piercer leaned me back in the chair and positioned the clamp over my ear. When she pushed down, I could feel my cartilage splitting in two. The initial pain was actually not bad. It felt uncomfortable, but not bad. The worst part came later when I couldn't lay on my left side or touch my ear with anything. Fortunately, I usually sleep on my right side, so I avoided that issue. Tristin, on the other hand, got her right side pierced and had to change her sleeping routine. Whoops! It took two months before my ear felt normal again.

So is a cartilage piercing worth it? Did it satisfy my need for rebellion? Yes and yes. I love how it looks now that it has healed, but I still have to be careful it doesn't get pulled!