Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Can't Watch Horror Films

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During this Halloween season, I think it is time to tell you all I hate horror films. I can't stand the gore. I don't like being scared. Tell me, why do people like to be scared??? Real life is scary enough.

I NEVER watched horror/scary movies growing up because I learned my lesson early. One night when I was six or seven, my parents left my brother and I with a baby sitter. I was supposed to go to bed, but instead I snuck into the hallway to watch what our babysitter was watching on TV. The only problem? She was watching a horror movie. In the film, killer swarms of lightning bugs went around killing people by eating their faces. The images are still burned into my brain.

Later, I watched the Batman movie where Jack Nicholson is the Joker with my dad. The scene where he electrocutes the man until his skin melts off made me start screaming in the middle of our living room. I haven't watched that movie to this day even though I love Batman and I'm sure the special effect would look silly to me today. Nope, can't do it.

I happily went without watching horror movies until college when I met Jared. Jared, of course, loves scary movies. He wanted to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre one night, so to impress him, I decided to watch the movie too. Big mistake. Girls, learn a lesson from me: don't do something you hate to impress a boy. It never works. I had nightmares for weeks. Even worse, the route I took home to visit my parents had many houses which look exactly like the one in the movie. And since I live in Texas, this made my overactive imagination go wild.

The final straw occurred when Jared and I saw The Happening by M. Night Shymalan. This movie is not technically a horror film, but the premise scared me nonetheless: people died horrible deaths while their families could do nothing. This is my absolute worst nightmare, to watch my family die yet I am powerless to stop it. When I got home, I burst into tears. But I did learn why I can't watch horror movies: I am too emotionally invested. I can't detach myself from what is happening on-screen. I just see everyone I love dying horrible deaths.

Since The Happening, I refuse to watch horror movies. I don't care who I irritate or inconvenience. I won't do it. I can't watch The Walking Dead because the zombies make me sad. They used to have families who loved them, mothers who held them in their arms. Now they're eating other people. Jared has no idea why I sympathize with zombies.

Now I can do thrillers. Shows like American Horror Story are actually really interesting to me because the stories are so interesting. This season is particularly good because it's not too bloody. I also like Psycho, the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie. So while I might not be enjoying Halloween like the rest of you, be safe, have fun and eat candy!