Monday, October 28, 2013

I Heart DIY

After my first successful DIY project, I am hooked. I can't believe how good DIY projects can look on far less money than buying it already done. (Full disclosure: DIY is expensive when you're collecting the tools you need, but once you get the tools, it's usually just a matter of buying paint and fabric).

This weekend, I tackled several projects in our apartment I have been wanting to do for a long time. The first is using Ziploc Space Saver bags to wrangle our hundreds of extra towels (product of joining two households when we got married), extra blankets and summer clothes. All of these items were taking up way too much room in our closet, which is really the only storage space we have in our apartment. I couldn't believe how small the bags got after I vacuumed the air out! Jared was not convinced until I gave him a demonstration, then he started pulling out clothes he wanted me to store for him. Great invention!

Next, I decided to paint an end table we had in our living room. Before it looked like this:

But now it looks so different:

Jared picked the color, by the way! Good choice babe : )

Redoing the table was not so bad. However, the two chairs I decided to paint/recover in our living kicked my butt. They don't look so bad when you first see them:

Even painting the wood frame was not bad. That part turned out really well (picture at the end). But then you look under the seat...and you see what exactly you are dealing with...

Yeah. And this monstrosity is held together with literally a million staples. The trim, fabric and webbing you see all had an excessive amount of staples keeping them in-place. And as you can see with the webbing, the excessive staples didn't even do their job and hold the seat together properly!!! I also had use a plastic knife to saw that yellow foam off the frame. What kind of adhesive did they have back in the day???

It took me FOR-EV-ER to pull all the staples and get the foam off, so I only had time to recover one seat last night. Jared may have had to save me from a break down...but the finished project looks so good. I rewebbed the chair (which I am proud to say I know how to do now), reattached the foam, covered it in batting and then covered it with the final fabric:

There is still more to do, but Jared and Henry are thrilled with the results. Henry is always open to a new comfy spot: