Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome Back!

Well hi there! I'm sure you all missed me when I disappeared : ) I have had a busy past month, so let me share where I have been.

This is a very exciting season in my marriage with my husband Jared. He began his fourth year of medical school in July and has already applied for 30 (!) potential residencies. During August and September, Jared did two away electives to gain experience for his residency application: one in El Paso during August and the other in Corpus Christi during September. So yes, this meant we were apart for two months except for a couple of days during Labor Day weekend.

Honestly, it sucked. But I tried to keep this in mind: Jared and I are investing in our future by being apart. And Jared of course excelled in his away electives by getting excellent reviews and letters of recommendation. Jared has also received three interviews ALREADY. Can't you tell I am proud of him?

The week before last, my mom came to visit me for the week. We had a great time, including doing a painting of the Masked Rider at Painting with a Twist. It looks great in my office!

At the end of that week, my dad and sister Annabeth came to visit Lubbock for Parents Weekend. Annabeth is a senior in high school, so I am REALLY hoping she decides to come to Texas Tech for Chemical Engineering. Yeah, my sister is super smart. I am trying REALLY hard not to pressure her, but it's so hard!

My family and I plus Henry then packed into the car and drove to Houston. So I spent all last week with my family, which was a splendid vacation. I also saw my sister-in-law Tristin and her husband Aaron in their new home. So much family and fun! I have been a spoiled girl, no lie. Also, let me just add the shopping in Houston is AH-MAZING. Why can't I have outlet malls in Lubbock?

Henry had a great time as well, in case you were wondering. My mom has the poodle I grew up with, Lily, and my sister has a doxy-doodle (part Dachshund, part poodle) named Ava. We call the three dogs the Poodle Posse, and they have a ball together, especially Henry and Lily. Here they are after a particularly intense play session:

I wish you all well and I certainly plan to keep up with this blog better. As an apology, enjoy some Monday Funnies, courtesy of Pinterest! This means I do not take credit for any of these photos.