Sunday, September 1, 2013

I Love the Library

Few things bring me as much joy as the library. I have felt that way ever since I was a little girl. In these days of ever progressing technology, some people may not know all the awesome services the local library provides! Here are some of the "little things" I love about the library:

  1. My library just started a service through Zinio where you can check out electronic copies of popular magazines. I've been reading Redbook and Cosmo for free! Maybe your library does something similar?
  2. The peace and quiet of the library is an atmosphere you don't find often, particularly the community library. 
  3. Let's not forget the books! Instead of buying electronic books, the library offers many popular books for FREE. I read the entire Game of Thrones series for nothing.
  4. Along the same lines, my library also has an electronic book check out system where you can check out books with your Kindle or other device if that is more your style. 
  5. You can also check out DVD's for FREE. 
  6. For long car trips, I like to check out books on tape. It makes the trip go by faster and seem like a treat when you're listening to an exciting story. My dad did this growing up, and I always thought it was a different and interesting way of keeping us entertained!
Give your local library a try and let me know how it goes!