Monday, August 19, 2013

The Power of Thank You

During summer 2008, I worked for Texas Tech as a Double T Crew member facilitating New Student Orientation. "Facilitating" is a good word for my duties, because I did whatever was necessary to make sure our guests had a good first experience with the university.

My boss had very high standards for his crew. We were expected to dress professionally, know our material and personally guide people to the restroom if they asked. And yes, I got in all my exercise just by walking people to the bathroom! His main rule, however, was to always say "thank you" to anyone who served us, whether they were food services workers or janitors. We couldn't leave events until we said "thank you" to these people!

At first, I admit, I was a little annoyed by this rule. I mean after all, these people are getting paid to do a job just like us, aren't they? But then I saw the powerful impact a little appreciation can have on people. The food service workers we saw every day smiled when they saw us and laid out extra-good food for our breakfast. The rooms we held events in were above-and-beyond spotless. I also noticed how much more motivated I was to do a good job when a student or parent told me "thank you".

Now as an academic advisor, one of the many thankless jobs in this world, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to get a "thank you" from my students. Last week, a student I had been working with for three semesters sent me the sweetest email thanking me for all my help. It made a sad week so much brighter, and it only took her a few minutes.

I make a point to say "thank you" to whomever has helped me or provided a service to me, no matter what. I challenge you to try the same, even for a day, and see how much brighter your life will become!

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