Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let Me Tell You "Open Mouth, Insert Foot" Moment

Ever have one of those moments where you don't consider your words before you say them? You know, like the old phrase, "open mouth, insert foot"? Well, that happened to me this past Saturday during Move In Weekend at Texas Tech. I volunteered to be present while our business learning community students moved into their dormitory. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, I couldn't help them move anything, but hopefully they appreciated my show of moral support...?

Anyway, I had the pleasure of meeting some of our students. One is an exchange student from England. She had the most fabulous English accent and said words like "posh". I wondered how she felt about all the Texas accents and "y'alls" she had been hearing, but I decided that might be coming on a little too strong. to ask, so I didn't.

The exchange student and I were talking with a few other people about the differences between England and America, particularly the holidays. She said they pretty much only celebrate Christmas in England, which shocked me. Before I could even consider my next statement, I blurted out, "you don't celebrate Thanksgiving???"

The confused stare on her face made me realize what I had just said. Oh yeah, of course English people wouldn't celebrate the pilgrims coming to AMERICA and learning how to survive in AMERICA thanks to the kindness of native AMERICANS. that point, I had already compromised my dignity, so I just profusely apologized for my American thought process. Of course not every country in the world celebrates Thanksgiving! I explained the holiday is so ingrained in my life, I can't imagine someone else doesn't celebrate it.

Fortunately, the exchange student had a good sense of humor and accepted my apology, but I am still embarrassed to this day!

Have you ever had an "open mouth, insert foot" moment?