Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Don't Wear Red

This story is an example of the power of words and how they added another quirk to my repertoire.

In middle school, I participated in a Storytelling Club. We would go to competitions around the city and learn the intricacies of public speaking. I credit a lot of my confidence in public speaking to this organization. The teacher who oversaw the Storytelling Club is one of my favorite teachers of all-time. She also ironically taught me in sixth-grade algebra. Her patience is what got me through that math class!

One day, we were discussing T-shirts for an upcoming competition. My teacher said we could do any color except red. When we asked her why, she said it was because red accentuates blemishes. As middle school students, we were all in the throes of puberty, so you can imagine how many blemishes were present in that class! I was so self-conscience and impressionable, I didn't want to take any chances whatsoever to accentuate my blemishes. I don't know if red really does accentuate blemishes, but the thought was built into my psyche. For a long time, I couldn't wear red without feeling ugly.

When I decided to attend Texas Tech, a university with red as one of its school colors, I couldn't really avoid wearing red any longer. Fortunately, Texas Tech put a positive spin on red for me, so I can now wear red every once and awhile. It is still not my first choice, but at least it's in my closet!

Do you have any quirks about what your wear?