Monday, January 6, 2014

I Flippin' Love Curry, but My Coworkers Do Not

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I have had the privilege of working as an academic advisor for the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University for three years. I love my coworkers, and we have had some great times together. One of the things I look forward to most is the lunch hour, when we get to rehash the morning and prepare ourselves mentally for the afternoon.

One thing most of my coworkers and I do not have in-common is our taste in food. And that is okay, because how boring would the world be if we all shared the same tastes? However, it makes for some interesting lunchtime discussion because I apparently have a more "adventurous" palette compared to my coworkers. For example, I LOVE curry. And I'm not talking about white people curry. I'm talking about the intense Indian curry. I love how it tastes and I even love how it smells. When I ran out of curry powder, I went to the grocery store and picked the curry with the strongest smell. It had some Indian writing on it, so I am fairly certain it's the good stuff.

While I love the smell of curry, most other people do not. Curry has the unfortunate habit of permeating the air and staying for awhile. So whenever I warm up something with curry in our communal microwave, everyone can tell right away what I have for lunch that day. No one else is bringing curry, after all. Fortunately, my coworkers are good sports about the whole curry thing. They don't seem to get too offended. They just let me know how much it smells (haha). I, on the other hand, try to honor their opinions as much as possible and rarely bring curry to work anymore. If I have curry leftovers, I'll just go home during lunch.

This might seem like a hassle, but curry is DEFINITELY worth it to me. It's just one of those little things in life, y'all.

Do you have any "strange" tastes compared to your coworkers? Family?