Thursday, July 25, 2013

My name is Megan and I miss telling stories.

Anyone out there remember Xanga?

When I was in middle school, before widespread cell phone use, Xanga was one of the best platforms for me to use to connect with my friends. For those of you who do not know/remember Xanga, it was like a primitive blogging Web site. It allowed you to customize a page with wallpaper and music, if I remember correctly. I had a SWEET Phantom of the Opera wallpaper, by the way. I was very proud of it! The best part of Xanga, though, was the ability to write about your thoughts and experiences,. I loved going to my friends' Xanga pages because most of them did not go to the same middle school as me.

While I love today's social media with its fast, easy methods to connect with people, I miss the ability to tell stories. Xanga no longer exists (or does it?), but I want to give myself the opportunity to tell and listen to stories again. That is the purpose of this blog: to connect people on a deeper level by allowing them to reveal their life experiences.

So welcome! I hope you sit and chat awhile. Let's tell stories!