Monday, January 6, 2014

My China Shepherdess Shoes

My bridesmaids and me!
This is the story of the shoes I wore on my wedding day. If you look closer at the picture above, you can see I am wearing sea foam green kitten heels with gold and pink trim. These shoes are one of the "little things" in life which make me extremely happy, and I will explain why.

I have actually had these shoes since high school. I got them for senior prom and have kept them ever since. About a year before prom actually happened, I found the perfect vintage dress which I am wearing in the following "senior year glamour shot":

I of course had to find the perfect shoes to accompany this gorgeous dress. Well, I finally found them on the Anthropologie Web site (side note: why are things so expensive here???) in the SALE section of all places. They were called "China Shepherdess" shoes, I guess because of their resemblance to the shoes those little china shepherdess figurines wear. I couldn't believe it. I immediately showed my dad, who was not so thrilled about the price. I begged him to buy those shoes for me because I couldn't imagine more perfect shoes. Any other shoes would just be settling and you can't settle for the prom!!! Ah high school memories...

My dad finally agreed to buy the shoes for me if I could raise my English grade to an "A" by midterm. I was not thrilled with this deal because my English teacher taught me a lot, but was a really difficult grader, so even someone like me who usually excels at English found it hard to make an "A" in his class. But I was determined to get those shoes, so I agreed.

Unfortunately, at midterm, I did not make an "A". I was close, but no cigar. I was devastated. I told my dad, who accepted the news very stoically. I prepared myself to find another pair of shoes, which would never compare to the beauty of those China Shepherdess shoes.

I came home one day after school to find a box sitting on the kitchen table for me. When I opened it, there were the China Shepherdess shoes. I couldn't believe it. I didn't fulfill my end of the bargain, why did I have these shoes? My dad, out of the goodness of his heart, saw how hard I worked and decided to buy me the shoes anyway. He extended me grace. Whenever I think about this story, I also think about the grace our Father in Heaven extends us every day. My dad taught me a great lesson that day with a pair of shoes.

So yes, I wore those beauties to the prom in high school. When it came time to plan my wedding, I couldn't imagine another pair of shoes I wanted to wear. These shoes were also the inspiration for my wedding colors. My mother was appalled I wanted to wear old shoes, especially when I could get new ones. But the story behind my China Shepherdess shoes is what made me want to wear them on one of the most-important days of my life. When I wore them and my dad walked me down the aisle, I remembered how much he loved me. I can't think of better accessories than that.

Can you remember a time when someone extended you grace?