Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Other Sister

The two lovely ladies in this photo with me are two of my favorite people in the whole entire world (in case you didn't know, I am the middle one in white). The one on my left is Tristin, my sister-in-law (Jared's sister), and the one on my right is Annabeth, my sister. When my friend took this photo at my wedding rehearsal dinner, she captioned it just like above. Once I saw the picture, I realized I am lucky enough to have not one, but two sisters in my life. This story is about my "other sister", Tristin.

When I first started dating Jared, I knew he had a sister, but I did not know much about her. Not long after, Jared told me his sister had decided to attend Texas Tech University just like us (Jared and Tristin are not quite two years apart in age). I thought, hey, I like Texas Tech, so I would probably get along with this girl.

Tristin started at Texas Tech as an Architecture major, but quickly decided to change to Public Relations. Well MY major was Public Relations, so I thought, OMG, this girl and I are going to be best friends. She has the best taste!

My prediction came true over the years. Tristin has a very similar personality to me (outgoing, dramatic, talkative, etc.) and we like so many of the same things. She is the best listener. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

Earlier this year, Tristin married Aaron, one of my other favorite people in the world. If you remember, he took the first picture of Henry I posted yesterday. I have a lot of expectations for the man Tristin married, but I promise you Aaron exceeds every one of them. He makes my "other sister" so happy, and he treats her like a treasure. I couldn't have picked a better husband for her. Jared and I were so fortunate to live in the same town as Tristin and Aaron...until today.

Aaron is in graduate school for Architecture and must finish his degree with a practicum in Houston. They left this afternoon. I hate Tristin and Aaron had to move, but I am so excited for their new adventure. One of the best things about family is you never have to say good-bye forever.